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  • About Us

    We are the ordinary couple living across the street from you. You’ve seen us many times. You’ve smiled and waved hello. You’ve at times, politely nodded and asked how our day was going. Gee, you’ve even stopped by. Remember the time when the mail man accidently delivered our water bill to your house? By the way, thanks again for that. Read More

  • Random Thoughts

    We all have random thoughts. Those ideas, concepts, beliefs, that crop up, hitting us between the eyes, making us stop and think about what it all means. These are a collection of such thoughts, images, and quotes. Some you may agree with, some maybe not. A few will make you smile, others may make you blush. But that's okay, because these are our random thoughts. More

  • Scribbled Notes

    We are two people, stumbling down the path called life. A path filled with a few fallen trees, and too many jagged cracks to count. We've jumped, crawled, ducked, and somehow managed to weave ourselves down it, not without some scratches and a few deep wounds. Our blog is the tattered notebook we're carrying with us, scribbling notes along the way. Read More


Every so often it feels like I need to take a step back and pinch myself.  To survey the current landscape that is our relationship and look for all the obstacles waiting to plow into us.  Although recently, I’m happy to report the landscape is looking pretty desolate.  The obstacles I speak of seem to be non-existent or fairly well hidden. Read more

First Glance

Arianna posted about making choices in a relationship.  She wrote about how we are free to have whatever kind of marriage that we would like. We spoke at length following a weekend away with another couple that in our estimation had a very different view about what a marriage should be. To be fair, I must state that like Arianna, I am in no position to pass judgment here. Whatever they do, have done or have not done has worked for them. They have successfully been able to raise a family and remain together for a couple of decades. Read more