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  • About Us

    We are the ordinary couple living across the street from you. You’ve seen us many times. You’ve smiled and waved hello. You’ve at times, politely nodded and asked how our day was going. Gee, you’ve even stopped by. Remember the time when the mail man accidently delivered our water bill to your house? By the way, thanks again for that. Read More

  • Random Thoughts

    We all have random thoughts. Those ideas, concepts, beliefs, that crop up, hitting us between the eyes, making us stop and think about what it all means. These are a collection of such thoughts, images, and quotes. Some you may agree with, some maybe not. A few will make you smile, others may make you blush. But that's okay, because these are our random thoughts. More

  • Scribbled Notes

    We are two people, stumbling down the path called life. A path filled with a few fallen trees, and too many jagged cracks to count. We've jumped, crawled, ducked, and somehow managed to weave ourselves down it, not without some scratches and a few deep wounds. Our blog is the tattered notebook we're carrying with us, scribbling notes along the way. Read More

The Wisdom to Know the Difference

She is my biggest supporter and my worst critic.

Arianna has the capability to raise me up to the highest heights or bring me down to the deepest depths. I am unsure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing for me. On one hand, the highs can be tremendous and I get such a charge from them but on the other hand the lows can feel crippling. The feelings that I experience from each end of the spectrum seem to be magnified lately. It feels, at times as if I am going through some sort of mid-life crisis. The unpleasant emotions can be paralyzing but then they pass and things are fantastic once again. Read more